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Design Build

Many different variables have to be taken into consideration when approaching a Design/Build Project, but the primary concepts never change; Design an exceptional blueprint and Build an exceptional product. At Vanguard Electrical Services, LLC over half of the projects we undertake in any given year are designed by us and installed by us to perfection.

By partnering with owners, architects, engineers, and general contractors we have the capability to manage these projects from beginning to end. Involvement in the Pre-construction phase in each project is imperative to making sure all parties are on the same page and unnecessary costs are avoided.

As a customer of ours we will walk you through every aspect of the job. What is the expected time frame? What are some unforeseen costs that may arise? How could this be done better? Designing a job in the office is one thing, but it means nothing if the job cant be duplicated in the field. This is why on each of our design projects we consult with our Superintendents and Foreman to make sure that what is designed in the office can be fulfilled on the jobsite.