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Workplace Safety

Safety, Safety Read All About It! A dynamic safety program cannot be implemented to employees by simply reading off suggestions from a tool box talk flyer. A dynamic safety program encompasses training employees how to think smart, teaches supervisors first aid procedures, and having a work environment that’s void of unnecessary hazards.

The archaic theory that construction is a dangerous environment and that accidents happen is in the past. The modern day contractor must have an active safety mindset instilled in every person in the company. At Vanguard Electrical Services, LLC this mindset begins the first day an employee is hired with an extensive new hire orientation safety meeting. Once introduced to a new jobsite that employee is briefed on site specific hazards, first aid procedure, muster points, and updated on safety methods.

A Workplace Safety program is the most vital aspect of a construction company. Keeping our employees healthy and working is of the utmost importance. Instilled safety practices are a benefit not only for the company, but to each employee. It promotes trust among workers and empowers everybody to watch out for each other.